About PiTL

Pacific i-Technology Limited (PiTL), established in Year 2000, is a Technology Solution and Consulting Firm.
We develop, customize and build wide range of business applications, and provide professional IT services to various Industries.

Our Philosophy

We believe IT should add values to business.
Technology Solutions have to provide operation efficiency, increase in revenue and clear path for growth. This belief is driving PiTL to work closely with customers and serve clients at best.


Our Mission

To all our valuable customers,
PiTL’s solutions and services have to be the Investment of great Retrun.


Key Asset

Talent is the key asset of PiTL.
Knowledge and skill of professionals is of great importance to the company. We are consistently enhancing our team’s quality and ensuring best of the best in every details of our operation. Member’s energy, creativity, and experience contribute to the Excellency of our products and services.